Help build the Webmakers & Get Your Special Swag

Mozilla is working towards building a generation of Webmakers. And to achieve this, Mozilla came up with the Summer Code Party initiative.

We, Mozillians of Delhi/NCR, have been working hard as volunteers to help Mozilla achieve this goal by organizing MozParty everywhere in the region. We invite Experts of the Web from Delhi/NCR to help other attendees learn by organizing Workshops and Hackathons at MozCamp.

And guess what, we give away special Swag to all those who volunteer!

I want to help! What can I do?

You can help us achieve this by doing the following:

Organize a Workshop

Mozilla T-Shirt

People learn fast when there is someone teaching them. Help others learn new web technologies by organizing a hands-on workshop. You will get a classroom and projection facility for your workshop. This can be a 1 hour or 2 hours long session depending upon how comprehensive do you want this workshop to be.

Requirements: 1 hour or 2 hours in length (please specify). Topic should be related to web technologies, preferably client-side that make use of HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript (and open-source Javascript libraries).

Your Reward: you get a rare Mozilla T-Shirt.


Note: Session Type “Workshop/Hands On” on the Session submission form.

Organize a Hackathon

Mozilla Bag

Hackathons are a good to get people started with actually getting their hands dirty and getting first hand experience. After all, the objective of Summer Code Party is to make the next generation of Webmakers. There are many things that you can do in a hackathon, like contribute patches to various Mozilla’s small and big projects, contribute to other open-source projects that use web technologies, or just think of a project idea and start working on that. Propose an idea for your hackathon. Hackathons don’t have a time limit. You will get internet access and space with your participants to sit and work together.

Requirements: length can be anything according to your objective. Theme of the hackathon should be open-source projects (preferably those that are related to the Web), contributing to Mozilla’s projects, or just an idea to create something for the web.

Your Reward: you get a rare Mozilla Bag.


Note: Session Type “Hackathon/BOF” on the Session submission form.

Not my cup of tea. What else can I do?

If you are not interested in volunteering for a hackathon or a workshop, no worries! You can propose a lightning talk, presentation or just show-off the awesome things that you are doing for the web.

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