Housefull in 3 Days. Get in the Queue now.

We started registrations on the 7th of this month with a target of 200 participants for the event. As of now, we completed those 200 registrations. In just about 3 days. That was sweet.

Thanks for the amazing response, NCR!

We are now flooded with requests for more registrations, and while we are working out the logistics to be able to extend participation for them, It will be a good idea for all of you to get on the wait list. We are trying our best to accommodate more. Expect updates soon.

PS: Looking at all the awesome session proposals we are receiving, hold on to your tickets. This is going to be one helluva MozCamp!

Update: Are you on the waitlist? Let us know by sending out a tweet with #mozcampdel telling us why you want to be at the event and we might squeeze you in.