Recollections from MozCamp Delhi 13.01

Finally after almost 4 years we had MozCamp here in Delhi. Thank you all for making it a success. We really appreciate your participation.

MozCamp Delhi 19.01.2013 witnessed 300 registrations with about 150 attendees. The event started off with the open source contribution 101 by Vikash Agrawal in which he talked about What is open source? How does it work? The community and contribution to it.

Later on, the GSOCers Rishab Arora and Vikash Agrawal introduced Google Summer of Code to the audience and discussed how to go about it.

After lunch, Devesh Batra and Akshay Katyal took a session on Introduction to Web technologies in which the attendees got some tips and tricks about the trending HTML5 & CSS3 with the basics of JQuery and Responsive Web Design.

Concurrently, Kinshuk Sunil talked about What is Mozilla upto? Quick look at the Mozilla programs and the events planned for near future.

Rohana Dasanayaka, Mozilla Rep from Sri Lanka  shared his experience with the lankan community and inspired audience to be a part of the open source group.

In the mean time, after the web technologies session got over Vikash Agrawal gave a brief introduction to DocuSprint and discussed about the importance of contribution to MDN documentation.

The event wrapped at about 5pm after the participants cleared their doubts in the Open Source Ask Me Anything session by Rohana Dasanayaka, Kinshuk Sunil and Vikash Agrawal.

So this was all about MozCamp but it’s not the end. Next we have Firefox OS App Days in the coming week on 27th January 2013. Please note that MozCamp and Firefox OS App Days are two different events.

Firefox OS App Days will be an introduction to the new upcoming Firefox OS and get you started with making apps for the platform. For more details click here