MDN Contribution DocuSprint

Speakers: Vikash Agrawal
On Jan 19, 12:00 pm in

A document sprint is a short time period, usually two to three days, when people from the community gather, either in person, or for virtual sprints on IRC, for focused effort on writing documentation for MDN. Since we will introducing [...]

Open Source AMA

Speakers: Kinshuk Sunil
On Jan 19, 3:00 pm in

Open house discussion on how to move along with open source and contribute to the community. This details about the inner workings of companies/organizations either related to or working entirely with open source technologies. ‘AMA’ Ask Me Anything session includes [...]

What is Mozilla Upto?

Speakers: Kinshuk Sunil
On Jan 19, 5:00 pm in

A quick look at all the community programs by Mozilla including Firefox, Boot2Gecko, Persona ID, WebFWD,, Mozilla Reps, Mozilla Student Reps, Mozilla Sumo, and the Army of Awesome.